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Orgonatural is a team of persons, concerned about welfare of farmers, consumers, and the ecosystems as whole. one can Visulize it as a tree, the farmers as its root's, the Orgonatural core team is like a trunk, the sales outlates are the branches, Consumers are the leaves and some more committed customers  are its flowers, the satisfaction of all parts is the fruit of this wholistic venture.

Let us see how each of us is presently affected in our daily life.

Farmers: We all know or at least heard that farmers are in distress. Study of the root cause reveals that since beginning this business was at the mercy of nature. It was rather humane extension of nature. Nourishment of all concerned was the main motive. In India it evolved during Vedic times when the ecosystem was at peak equilibrium. The sacred sustainable approach, it flourished for thousands of years. It took rural agrarian economy and civilization to a great height. On this strength it persisted almost thousand years of foreign invasions of many kinds. The British rule could finally break it. But this was not just political defeat. The exploitative industrial thought behind colonial rule was rooted and took stronghold of mindset. It was defeat of eco-sensitive and sustainable culture. Post-independence, industrial policy and the green revolution (the industrial thought in Agriculture) further aggravated the situation. First it was nature, then the rulers followed by unruly market forces and now all three of them have gripped the fate of farmers.

Can market and technology driven farming sustain our ever increasing wants?

Consumers: As consumers we are now slaves of industry and market. We are forced to consume what industry wants to offer in the market. It is taking its toll on all the aspects of our health. We all invest ourselves in our profession to earn money with great effort, only to lose it on medicine for much longer period of time. Our lifestyle is going against nature and the food that we are consuming is not nourishing us properly to cope up with the predicaments of modern life.

Can we look to our farmers for providing us wholesome nourishment?

Market: Though farmers in the beginning, we now farm by proxy without knowing each other. In the modern world created by industrial revolution the farmer needs money only to buy goods and services. The system deals with the farmer only on its own term, both at the time of buying or selling. Farmer producing for his anonymous buyer is some distant markets fail miserably by getting below cost rates due to bumper crop. Otherwise he is left with nothing surplus in adverse conditions. And as soon as he is finished with his stock, market rises. On the other hand consumer ends up paying extra cost in term of price or poor, poison filled food.

 Can market become farmer and consumer friendly at the same time?

Environment: Already detached from nature, consumer treats it like luxury to be bought again with money. Even the farmer who is the custodian of local ecology is no more concerned being driven by market forces.

Can farming is possible, profitable when environmental conditions are degraded?

Current efforts projected by research scientists, Mediators, industry and politicians are only encashing farmer’s problems for their petty ulterior motives. Offering loans, loan wavers and meager shortsighted packages will never solve the real problem. Giving so called remunerative prices based on cost of production is difficult task. Even If managed it will only protect farm input side that is industry and market. Effect of any increase in the price of farm produce will be marred by corresponding increase in input use or cost. It will inculcate greed and result in greater frustration.

There is lot of education, communication required at both ends. There is need to support each other and create a harmonious ‘win-win’ situation.

Here groups like  Orgonatural come into picture. By charging a very low margin we are trying to connect sensitive, dedicated consumers with dedicated growers following sustainable farming practices. We aim to offer poison free food of good nutritive value at competitive price to consumers and pass maximum share of it to the farmers.

Orgonatural  is a team of concerned persons. Concerned about welfare of farmers, consumers, and the ecosystems as whole. One can visualize it as a tree. The farmers are its roots. The Orgo-natural core team is like a trunk. The sales outlets are the branches. Consumers are the leaves and some more committed customers are its flowers. The satisfaction of all parts is the fruit of this wholistic venture.

This and any such events are part of our effort to bridge the gap, the divide, the invisible wall between consumers and producer.

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